Our Founder & CEO - Sergeant First Class Moore

Sergeant First Class Brian Moore enlisted in the U.S Army in July 1981 and retired after more than 20 years of active duty service in March 2002. After retiring from the Army, he worked at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation managing a portion of the cleanup efforts at the 105K East facility.  In 2005, Brian was given an opportunity to work as a manager with BNSF Railway.  After ten years with BNSF, he decided to retire to spend more time with family and on local veteran issues.

Since his retirement from the Army in 2002, Brian's passion has been helping his fellow veterans get in contact with local groups and organizations that support veterans' needs. He is working with business leaders in the community to provide assistance and has donated countless hours to local non-profits that provide assistance to veterans.

For several years now, Brian has donated countless hours and a large amount of his military pension towards helping disabled veterans. In 2016, some of his friends and family suggested that he start a local 501c3 charitable organization, and with that, Friends of Disabled Veterans was established.

Senior Operations Director - Khris Beyer

Khris Beyer volunteers as Senior Operations Director.  She first became involved in the organization in late 2020, at the request of a close family friend and fellow veteran.  In this role, Khris manages the formal planning, budgeting, and coordination of building projects for the Veterans Ranch, about a 15 minute drive, north west of Benton City.

Khris is a US Army veteran, mother of three sons who also served their country.  She has been a contractor and entrepreneur for over 30 years, is a certified Project Management Professional and has a BA in Project Management.  Her experience spans 12 countries and 15 states in both federal and commercial design build projects.  Khris's team and her leadership have been locally and nationally recognized.

In her failing attempt at retirement, Khris still consults for a few select clients, helping to define and build their visions.  She occasionally get to golf with her husband and enjoy the outdoors. She feels very blessed to be able to deploy her skills to help bring the Friends of Disabled Veterans Ranch to fruition.   

Our Current Board Members

Brian K. Moore - CEO/Executive Director/Secretary

Cleve Paulsell - President

Khris Beyer - Senior Operations Director