About FoDV

Friends of Disabled Veterans is a 501(c3) Non-Profit Organization founded in June, 2016. Located in the Tri-Cities area, we operate on the foundation of 6 pillars.

  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Family
  • Loyalty
  • Involvement
  • Kindness

Why we do what we do

Every veteran, no matter what our role was in service, come back differently than when we left.  To many, integration as a civilian can be crippling.  Being around other veterans is comforting to us, but we also need to expand those types of bonds to family and friends that our service separated us from (physically and emotionally).  Unfortunately, relating to non-veterans can be challenging.  While there are several outdoor recreation type “adventure” organizations for disabled veterans, they don’t address the veteran’s loved ones as part of the experience(s) and often, are restricted only to disabled veterans. 

We have found that communal experiences with the ones we love, is incredibly therapeutic in rebuilding these connections.  We are providing an outdoor recreation area and learning center specifically with this in mind.  Providing a place where bonds can be rebuilt through shared experiences in a relaxing environment.  We have the comfort of being around like-minded people who appreciate each other, and re-building that comfort with the other important people in our lives.

Our Mission

The purpose of Friends of Disabled Veterans is to offer a place where veterans and their families can have a place to go where people appreciate and respect what they've been through. The goal is to help them feel completely accepted and included in a fun, relaxing environment.

Founder and CEO, Brian Moore is a veteran that served our country for 20 years. Co-founder, Cleve Paulsell worked and served in the local community all his life. Cleve is now retired and focuses his time and energy showing our veterans his great appreciation for their service by helping with this organization.  They're also proud of the following fact: 

No board member or volunteer will EVER receive any compensation for their work with this non-profit organization.

The Plan:

  • Obtain Significant Acreage - DONE!
  • Drill a Well - DONE!
  • Build ADA Restrooms - DONE!
  • Build a Lodge - Raising Funds
  • Create a Playground - Need design help
  • ADA Archery Range - DONE!
  • Memorial Garden - Need design help
  • Acquire Donations - Monetary and Goods - ONGOING!

The Ranch

We secured 140 acres in Prosser Washington to create a very special accessible "Ranch" for veterans and those closest to them to enjoy together.  The Ranch will feature multiple outdoor focused engagement and learning areas designed to accommodate a variety of physical challenges.  

Advancing multiple skills such as creative problem solving, communication, confidence, team work, and soft skills through a variety of classroom and outdoor, hands-on experiences and instruction.

Located 15 minutes NW of Benton City, WA. Empowering and inspiring, bringing veterans and their families together.

The Ranch is being built through donations of time, materials, dollars, and amazing individual volunteers, suppliers and contractors.  If you would like to be involved in designing and building the Ranch, please email Khris Beyer at kbeyer@rcentrics.com. 



Veterans often have difficulty assimilating back into everyday life, with many suffering from PTSD and succumbing to suicide. We want our service men and women to know that we appreciate them and care enough to offer an outlet through friendship, fellowship, and activities with friends, families, and fellow service men/women who genuinely care.

We need your help in giving back to our heroes that have given and sacrificed so much. Anything you can contribute will help us reach our goal! To donate, just click the button below.

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