Our Programs

The Ranch

We secured 140 acres in Prosser Washington to create a very special accessible "Ranch" for veterans and those closest to them to enjoy together.  The Ranch will feature multiple outdoor focused engagement and learning areas designed to accommodate a variety of physical challenges.  

Advancing multiple skills such as creative problem solving, communication, confidence, team work, and soft skills through a variety of classroom and outdoor, hands-on experiences and instruction.

Located  15 minutes NW of Benton City, WA. Empowering and inspiring, bringing veterans and their families together.

The Ranch is being built through donations of time, materials, dollars, and amazing individual volunteers, suppliers and contractors.  If you would like to be involved in designing and building the Ranch, please email Khris Beyer at kbeyer@rcentrics.com. 

Private Land Hunts

Our program takes disabled veterans with a family member or friend on local hunts. We have acquired access to more than 2,500 acres of private hunting land from landowners who want to give back to our disabled veterans that have given so much for us. Our members have helped create/design unique scissor lifts on trailers, so our veterans can reach heights of 40 feet for viewing the surrounding area for their hunt.

scissor lift Blinds

We have a mobile, scissor lift blind for placement on property we hunt. We’ve rebuilt the safety deck on the lift and added some desert paint, so it will blend into the surroundings. The lift came from a local, anonymous donor who wanted to support our cause of giving back to our veterans. This community has been great in giving to our cause and supporting our veterans!

Our first hunt with the new blind was in one of the local vineyards with a Navy veteran and his brother. A heartfelt thank you to those that made this hunt successful.

We look forward to each hunting season and taking veterans out with our blinds. We are able to get the veteran up over 40 feet, so they have an unobstructed 360 degree view. A special thanks to Ranch and Home and the Dress Family, Signs by Sue, Northwest Jet Boats, Sunbelt Rentals, and other generous companies that wish to remain anonymous. We could not have started this great cause without you.

Connecting solutions

We get donations of all types and we strive to connect those with disabled veterans that can use them.  If you have an asset or service you would like to donate towards our Connecting Solutions Program, please email us the details. 

We also strive to engage other like minded veteran non-profit organizations when we can help each other serve veterans.  

Program Application Form

This is the online application form necessary to consider you for our program. Your information will be kept confidential. To be considered, you must be active duty or retired with a disability rating from the U.S. Military or Veterans Administration.